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Hole in the ceiling.

Sudden Leak

Here we have a leak that originated from the ceiling suddenly. Disaster strikes when you least expect it! Contact your local SERVPRO today for twenty four seven, around the clock care. Our technicians work there hardest to restore and repair your home. 

Green SERVPRO vans parked.

Flood Damage

Fast extraction with efficiency starts with SERVPRO of Adams, Crawford, Vernon, South Monroe & South Juneau's expert team. Storm damage, flood damage never leaves time for hesitancy. Always have our number handy, in case of emergency. 

Traveling Content Gets Damaged

Moving can be a stressful situation for almost anyone.  To make matters worse, weather can be a factor as well.  Upon opening a moving truck,  content was found to be saturated and mold had already begun to grow.  

The moving company called your #WeAreLocal GREEN team, where we went through every piece and determined whether or not is could be cleaned.  Once piles were made, the GREEN team got busy cleaning.

The home owner was grateful for all of the work that the SERVPRO of Adams, Crawford, Vernon, South Monroe & South Juneau team was able to accomplish in a short amount of time.  

Volunteering is a Passion

SERVPRO of Adams, Crawford, Vernon, South Monroe & South Juneau is located in such a GREAT community that your #WeAreLocal GREEN Marketing Team is always looking for ways to be involved.

Whether it is working at a local chamber event, or selling tickets to support a cause, or volunteering at the local food pantry with our kids-we want you to know-that we are #HereToHelp no matter what the cause.  

Your #WeAreLocal Capabilities

Your #WeAreLocal GREEN Team is an independent and locally owned franchise.  With over 1,800 locations across the United States and Canada, we have the resources, proven systems, and industry-standard training to handle any job, big or small, residential or commercial.  

Within the SERVPRO system, we are able to call upon one another when disasters happen.  There is always a GREEN Team near you that is #Ready for whatever happens.

Rapid Snow Melt Requires Help

With the rapid snow melt and rain, SERVPRO of La Crosse County received so many calls, that it was impossible for the production team to get to everyone.  

Because SERVPRO is a franchise system, your #WeAreLocal service provider is able to call on other SERVPRO's for help.  Particularly, the Storm Teams.  They arrived in Wisconsin within a few days of receiving the call.  

Slick Roads Make for a BIG Mess!

Winter in Wisconsin can sometimes be down right messy.  When a semi hit a patch of black ice, it skidded to a halt just inside this local bar.  

Your #WeAreLocal GREEN Team was called in to help with the debris removal and cleanup.  

Return Vents

When was the last time you were in the office and looked up at the return vents?  Do you recall the last time someone came in and cleaned them?  SERVPRO of  Adams, Crawford, Vernon, South Monroe & South Juneau can help you out with this problem.  Give us a call today to do an estimate, 608.487.9758

Upper Duplex Fire Causes Lower Unit Trouble

The day after Christmas was not a happy one for a local area woman.  She was sharing her duplex with a gentleman upstairs, who accidentally caused a fire affecting the whole home.  

After contacting SERVPRO of Adams, Crawford, Vernon, So. Monroe, and So. Juneau Counties, we worked with the homeowner to get her belongings taken care of.  The city had decided to raze the home due to the hoard that had been accumulated on the inside and only gave the homeowner six weeks to get it emptied.

Your #WeAreLocal GREEN team worked many hours to get through the extreme amount of "stuff".  We hit our timeline goal with a few days to spare.  

Seeing Green Everywhere?

Due to the recent snow melt/thaw and rain that has befallen our area, we HAD to call in Storm Teams to help assist your #WeAreLocal team with the immense amount of calls that we have received.  

The frost line has been driven very deep into the ground due to the snow pact on top.  A lot of homeowners and business owners found themselves with water in their buildings.  Because we are part of a franchise system, we are able to call on other franchises for help.  

So, you may be seeing a lot of green out and about until all the calls are taken care of.  


Ice Dams Can be Problematic

The weather this last winter has not been the greatest.  With record snow fall and melting and freezing and melting and more freezing, ice dams have been a big cause of concern.  

The quickest way to prevent damaging ice dams is to: 

  • Use a roof rake to pull excess snow down.
  • Check your attic insulation and ventilation

If for some reason, you do find water has gotten into your home, do not wait to get it taken care of. 


Toilet Explosion due to Storms

The city streets were deluged with so much water, that it had no where to go.  It may look pretty on the outside, but on the inside things are going on-for instance, a toilet coming off its piping and creating such a mess, no one has any idea on where to start.  

Luckily, someone DID know.  They remembered seeing a water vehicle earlier in the day.  They picked up their phone and called your #WeAreLocal GREEN team to help assess the situation.  SERVPRO of Adams, Crawford, Vernon, So. Monroe, & So. Juneau Counties responded to 'Make it like it never even happened'.

Drywall Dust is the Worst!

Doing a remodel project in your home or business?  SERVPRO of Adams, Crawford, Vernon, So. Monroe, & So. Juneau Counties could not be more excited for you.  They offer post construction clean up services once your project is done.  They have all of the proper equipment and product to get you ready for opening day.

Remodel Project Leads to Something Unexpected

At a recent commercial remodel project, the site superintendent ran across something he was not expecting.  After removing a cabinet and some wallpaper, some discoloration was found.  Determined to not let the project get behind schedule, he called SERVPRO of Adams, Crawford, Vernon, So. Monroe, & So. Juneau Counties  to get in there and get it taken care of and cleaned up. 

Broken Water Heater in a School....

SERVPRO of Adams, Crawford, Vernon, So. Monroe, & So. Juneau Counties was called to assist a local school that had a water heater burst during winter break.  They could not have been happier that their #WeAreLocal GREEN team  was there quickly and confidently to get the work done before the students returned.

Apartment Has Mold!

A tenant in an apartment complex noticed some discoloration on her wall where her air conditioner typically sits in the summer.  She also made comment that she had a bothering tickle in her throat, but chalked it up to the weather.  Upon further investigation, SERVPRO of Adams, Crawford, Vernon, So. Monroe, & So. Juneau Counties found that the ac unit had been leaking for some time.  Your #WeAreLocal GREEN team  quickly re-mediated the situation and got the tenant back into her home.

Fire Causes a Catastrophe

Bart was recently spotted in helping a commercial building with their fire clean up.  SERVPRO of Adams, Crawford, Vernon, So. Monroe, & So. Juneau was called on scene to help this building get back up and running as quickly as possible.  Large Loss out of Saginaw, MI  was able to help us out.

Emergency Board Up Services

SERVPRO of Adams, Crawford, Vernon, So. Monroe, So. Juneau Counties has the capability to respond immediately following a fire in order to perform emergency board up services.  We do this to secure the damaged property and to keep any secondary damages from occurring.  

Flood and Mud!

Your SERVPRO of Adams, Crawford, Vernon, So. Monroe, & So. Juneau Counties  was busy in July of 2017 with the storms and all the flooding.  One of our first jobs on the Friday morning was cleaning mud that fell off a bluff and through a home.  Your #WeAreLocal GREEN Team was there to help with clean up process.

Is that...MOLD??

Mold damage is never good.  With over 45 years of experience in the cleanup and restoration industry, professionals have access to extensive training, knowledge, and equipment to professionally perform cleanup and restoration. 

Watch VS Warning

Are you able to tell the difference between a thunderstorm watch and a thunderstorm warning...?

watch lets one know to be prepared for possible severs weather.  A warning means to action because severe weather is imminent.  

Have multiple ways to receive weather updates during storms.  Keep an eye to the sky and #BePrepared.

Tornado Warning!

Spring will soon be in full swing and with it comes the threat of severe weather and tornadoes.  The are different ways to react to this situation and it will depend on whether you are inside or outside.  

Your #wearelocal GREEN team can be there to help with the clean up after the storm clears. It can be a daunting task, let SERVPRO help with the heavy work to help make it

"Like it never even happened". 608.487.9758 

A Moldy Situation

Mold isn't good for anyone.  SERVPRO professionals have extensive experience, knowledge, training, and equipment to perform cleanup and restoration at a consistently high standard in any situation.  

Large or small, your #wearelocal GREEN team can be on site and help make it

"Like it never even happened".  608.487.9758

Storm Response

During the summer storms of 2017, SERVPRO of Adams, Crawford, Vernon, So. Monroe, and So. Juneau Counties was busy making it "Like it never even happened." in this commercial warehouse which suffered some wind damage due to the storm.  It blew part of the roof off causing water damage.

Storm Response

During the summer storms of 2017, SERVPRO was busy with many residential homes, but also with commercial properties.

This business suffered roof damage which affected the inside.  SERVPRO was called to mitigate the water and clean up the damaged ceiling.  


SERVPRO of Adams, Crawford, Vernon, So. Monroe, and So. Juneau Cos. has a qualified team to assist in hoarding situations. 

SERVPRO can come in and assist the homeowner with the cleanup.  We work the homeowner to decided where content needs to go.  Then, SERVPRO can clean the home's interior and coordinate any and all repairs. 

On the job...

SERVPRO does upholstery too.  The chairs were picked up by our team and brought back to our shop.  Each chair was cleaned and dried and then returned back to the nearby golf course.

Hotel Damages..? No problem!

SERVPRO has all  equipment ready for whatever happens at any time of the day or night.  Because we are a local franchise with national resources, SERVPRO of Adams, Crawford, Vernon, So. Monroe, and So. Juneau Counties is able to respond 24/7/365 to any kind of situation that may arise.  

On the job...

Spring is hopefully, FINALLY here!  After all the mud and muck, how do your office carpets look?  Kind of drab and dingy...?  Call your #wearelocal GREEN team to help make it "Like it never even happened".

Brandon is here applying detergent in a commercial office-prepping it for its cleaning.

On the job...

We recently responded to a water damage that affected 2 floors of this apartment complex that is currently being built.

After SERVPRO finished their work, the contractors went back to work to finish up.  Tenants moved in and SERVPRO hasn't been back since.  


SERVPRO of Adams, Crawford, Vernon, So. Monroe, and So. Juneau Counties responds at anytime of the day or night and in any weather to make it "Like it never even happened."

Everyone Helps, even the boss!

Vince was caught in action cleaning some soot covered cabinets.  

A fire is terrible for anyone to go through.  SERVPRO thought that if the cabinets could be cleaned, they could save everyone some money.   SERVPRO believes in RESTORE vs. REPLACE

The homeowners could not have been happier!


Even our marketing representatives attend IICRC classes.  Heidi P. went to Indiana to attend the Restoration Academy's Fire/Smoke Restoration Technician class.  The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is found in 25 countries throughout the world and set the standards for our industry.

Our New Building

In June 2014, SERVPRO moved into their new home in Sparta, WI. We are now centrally located to all the communities we work with.

American Red Cross Partnership

SERVPRO is a proud national sponsor of the American Red Cross and their Ready Rating program.


SERVPRO of La Crosse County sponsors a section of Highway 16 in Onalaska.

2015 Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics

Our team raised nearly $1000 for the Wisconsin Special Olympics!

Technician Completes Training for Ultrasonics Cleaning

Rick (on the left), recently attended training for our Ultrasonics Cleaning Machine, which allows us to clean items ranging from knick-knacks, kitchenware, golf clubs, appliances, and electronics more effectively and efficiently.