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Planning Services Available for Businesses

1/22/2016 (Permalink)

Community Planning Services Available for Businesses Businesses Can Receive FREE Disaster Planning Thanks To SERVPRO

SERVPRO of La Crosse County helps businesses prepare for a disaster.

 Our Marketing Representatives will create a comprehensive plan to get your businesses back up and running quickly.  


Here are the most frequent questions we encounter when introducing the ERP to property managers and business owners.

What Is the ERP?

An Emergency Ready Profile® is created by our Marketing Representatives.  A digital document that organizes critical emergency information so that a property owner or manager can respond quickly and efficiently. Many emergency plans focus on getting people out of a building safely, but our plan aims to get everyone back in the building as soon as possible.

What Will an ERP Cost?

There is no charge for an ERP. As a national sponsor of the American Red Cross, we help commercial property owners and business managers create their profile(s). Homeowners can download the SERVPRO® Ready Plan App to create an ERP for their home.

What Is In It For You?

With an ERP, you will be able to reduce business interruption and quickly mitigate a loss following an adverse event, saving both time and money. Important information like where to find your water, gas, electric, sprinkler shutoffs, and key contacts to begin restoration will be right at your fingertips in the SERVPRO® Ready Plan App, and you will be able to share this information quickly and easily with anyone who needs it.

What Is In It For SERVPRO?

You may be wondering, “What’s in it for SERVPRO if there is no charge for an ERP?” That is a fair question. First, we hope that by helping you prepare before you need our services, it will make it more likely you will think of us when disaster strikes. Second, we know that having this information organized ahead of time will allow us to better serve you (should you choose to call us) following an adverse event. However, even if you never use our services, we will still have the satisfaction of helping our community be better equipped to survive a disaster.

Who Has Access To Your Information?

Once we compile your customized ERP, we deliver the finished digital profile to the property owner, business manager, or any approved personnel at your company. An email is sent with a link providing your unique username and password. You can share and print your ERP immediately with all necessary parties at your discretion. You can also edit information, change your password, or allow your Marketing Representative to assist you anytime.  A copy is also secured on our company’s server so that our Technicians responding will have the critical information needed to assist in your time of need.

Call Us Today at 608-487-9758 to schedule your appointment.

Holiday Tips to Prevent Water Damage

12/22/2015 (Permalink)

Water Damage Holiday Tips to Prevent Water Damage Wood flooring dried with help of specialty equipment from SERVPRO.

Viroqua, WI – A homeowner tried his best to keep his Christmas tree fresh by watering it regularly… maybe a little too much.  His best efforts were sabotaged unknowingly.  In his attempt to keep the holiday tree watered, he accidentally overwatered it, and the excess water ran onto their wood flooring and through the subfloor to the lower level of the home.  SERVPRO brought in special drying equipment designed just for wood flooring.  Dehumidifiers and air movers were set-up and monitored daily to ensure the materials were drying properly.  “The services and the technicians were great!” the homeowner stated.  

Carpet Cleaning Services for Residential or Commercial

11/11/2015 (Permalink)

Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Services for Residential or Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Hot Water Extraction

Want your carpets looking good as new again?  SERVPRO can help!  Best of all, your carpets will be DRY within hours so you can resume your life.

Our cleaning services include hot water extraction, grout and tile cleaning, hard wood floor cleaning, steam cleaning, and upholstery cleaning.  We also offer a line of "green" products that are environmentally safe for kids and pets.  

Call and set-up for your appointment now before the holidays at 608-487-9758.  

Commercial Cleaning for Exterior Building in Black River Falls

11/6/2015 (Permalink)

Building Services Commercial Cleaning for Exterior Building in Black River Falls Exterior Cleaning for Large Commercial Building in Black River Falls, WI

We spent a couple days pressure washing the exterior of this very large commercial building.  We also washed all the windows.  The owner said, "The crew did a great job in taking care of the property during the process.  It was great that they kept the equipment organized and out of the patrons way."

Mold Invades Home Near Prairie du Chien WI

8/12/2015 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Invades Home Near Prairie du Chien WI A vandalized home in Crawford County, WI results in extensive water damage and mold.

This home was vandalized, and intruders left the water running.  Damage to the home included a flooded kitchen and basement.  The end result was extensive mold throughout the entire basement and behind the walls of the kitchen cabinets.

Water Damage in Holmen, WI

7/15/2015 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage in Holmen, WI Injectidry Drying System helps reduce overall demolition costs associated with a water damage.

We used our Injectidry system the other day. It is a unique ventilation system that can dry up to 122 linear feet of water damaged walls by injecting air between stud cavities. It targets high risk areas of hidden moisture behind walls, ceilings, fixtures, and floors.  This method is beneficial when a homeowner calls us immediately, and the drywall and materials are not sitting wet for an extended period of time (more than 24 hours).